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"Pathways Academy is a great resource for students looking to complete their high school course work and earn a diploma! We are glad to be affiliated with a group helping students who are on a different path to success!" - Rose Faubush, FEAST

Maricela Luna, Guidance Counselor
“We may all homeschool differently, but we are in this together” -W+F



Pathways HomeEd is designed to offer homeschooling services for families with High School or Middle School students that struggle in a traditional school setting due to various factors and/or are self-driven to work independently towards the completion of their courses of study required for graduation.  We assist by navigating through home school requirements as a tutor, teacher, mentor, and counselor.


 With the guidance and support from Mrs. Luna, Texas certified high school counselor, and her team, a holistic approach towards homeschooling starts with parent partnerships, student emotional and social support, and guidance through middle school, high school, and post-secondary goals.


Guide and support families and students with an individualized path towards the completion of a homeschool high school diploma in order to achieve long-term success BEYOND graduation.

“There is not one path. There is not even the right path. there is only your path.” Anonymous


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